Satin Ice Gum Paste – 1 kg

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1kg / 2.2lb tub of Satinice Gum Paste flower / modelling paste / SFP

  • white Satin Ice Gumpaste is an excellent SFP paste for modelling and intricate sugarpaste work – used extensively in the USA which is why they sell it in 1kg and 2.5kg packs, whereas here in the UK we’ve been used to buying much smaller 200g (even 100g packs) of modelling paste
  • PLEASE NOTE gumpaste is NOT sugarpaste
  • a professional ready-made gum paste for all flowers, modelling, moulds etc as used by all the American cake decorating TV show big names
  • mix proportions 50:50 with sugarpaste for a softer modelling paste (similar to Mexican paste) which can be used for for lace, side pieces or moulds that you want to be able to cut through and eat
  • for fine petals and detailed sugar flowers we recommend SFP as this dries harder

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