PME Fun Fonts Embossing Collection – For Cupcakes & Cookies Collection 2

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Emboss your cakes with personalised messages with the Fun Fonts Embossing Collection from PME.

Adding that personal touch to your cupcakes couldn’t be easier! Ideal for absolutely any occasion, this Cupcake and Cookie embossing set allows you to stamp your cupcakes and cookies with your own bespoke messages.

The set contains 66 pieces – 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters in an elegant and smaller font that adds a touch of class to your messages. The set also includes numbers 0-9 and symbols &, !, ?, and # in a brand new font.

Their smaller sizes make them ideal for crafting smaller messages, or for embossing cupcakes and cookies.

The stamp itself comes with an easy-grip handle and a centre line to ensure that all of your letters are straight.

The Fun Fonts Embossing Collection is extremely easy to use. Simply choose the letters, numbers and symbols you want, line them up using the guides and press them into your chosen paste.

The Fun Fonts Embossing collection is ideal for use with sugarpaste, modelling paste, modelling chocolate, marzipan and variety of other decorating materials.

Approximate Measurements:
Lowercase Letters: 5mm-10mm
Uppercase Letters: 10-15mm

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