Roxy & Rich Pink Quartz Artist Cocoa Butter, 2 oz.

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These bright tones of cocoa
butter will add a touch of sparkle
to your creations!

The Gemstone collection is coloured using fat-dispersible colours and shimmering powder. Our cocoa butter can be used in a chocolate mould, or airbrushed, painted or applied with fingers directly on moulded chocolate.


  • Sparkle finish
  • Several attractive colours
  • Easy to use
  • Pre-tempered
  • Edible *

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Cocoa butter is coloured with 100% fat-dispersible colours, it can be used in a chocolate mold, airbrushed, painted, or applied with fingers directly on moulded chocolate.

  • Easy to use
  • Pre-tempered
  • 2 oz. bottle

Please Note:¬†Cocoa butter coloring is sold as a solid. To use it, you must melt it in a boiler or in the microwave. Heat the bottle for 10 seconds, shake it, and continue heating for another 10 seconds. Continue until the required amount of cocoa butter has melted. Don’t overheat the cocoa butter. Overheating could change the texture, making it impossible to reach expected results or making the cocoa butter unusable.

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