Rainbow Dust – Metallic Fire Cracker Powder

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Lustre Metallic Fire Cracker. Beautiful indulgent lustre dust to add vibrant colour and shine to your edible creations.

“Edible Silk” lustre powder are uniquely blended by Rainbow Dust Colours to create a range, specially dThe Edible Silk Range lustre dusts are a colourful range of 100% edible, fine dusts, with a soft shimmery finish and a hint of sparkle. The 40+ colours can be blended together to give deeper colours or a softer finish, for example; by adding pearl white to purple planet will result in a softer lilac shade.

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Colour: E172 (EU, non-EU).


Store at ambient room temperature.

Nutritional Info (Per 100g)



Use dry with a paint brush to dust lustre on to your edible creations.

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