ProGel edible food color – Baby Pink 25g

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ProGel® concentrated colours by Rainbow Dust Colours are the new standard for food colouration. 

Highly concentrated, only the smallest amount of ProGel® is required to give a deep rich colour to your creations, meaning that our tubes last a long, long time! Simply add a small amount to your sugarpaste, marzipan, buttercream etc and watch it transform into your desired colour as it is mixed in.

Each gel comes in a colour coordinated and clean-to-use plastic tube, meaning there’s less chance of colours cross-contaminating with other’s, and no more wasted time trying to identify which colour is which!

Why not try mixing this with a few drops of clear spirit alcohol, or rejuvenator spirit to create an edible liquid paint?

Available in a variety of different colours, each bottle containing 25g.


Baby Pink: Humectant: E422, Water, Modified starch (tapioca), Colours: E129*, E122*, E124*.

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