PME Number Cutter Set Of 13

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Make great foods and use these fun cutters for countless food and craft items with this set of 13 number cutters!Contains all 10 numbers, as well as ‘+’, ‘?’ and ‘=’ cutters.The cutters measure approximately:0: L 5.1cm W 3.3cm D 1.2cm1: L 5.3cm W 2.3cm D 1.7cm2: L 5.5cm W 3.8cm D 1.2cm3: L 5.4cm W 3.5cm D 1.2cm4: L 5.1cm W 4.4cm D 1.2cm5: L 5.5cm W 3.3cm D 1.2cm6: L 5.5cm W 4cm D 1.2cm7: L 5.3cm W 3.6cm D 1.2cm8: L 5.3cm W 3.5cm D 1.2cm9: L 5.4cm W 4cm D 1.2cm?: L 5.5cm W 3.5cm D 1.2cm=: L 3.7cm W 3.3cm D 1.2cm+: L 3.7cm W 3.7cm D 1.2cm

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