JEM CUTTERS Twist Twist Piping Nozzle Set 4 #16/#17

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The tip design has a seriese of straight, wide cavities giving you an ice-cream like swirl.

Create a selection of gorgeous piped swirls using Set 4 of the Twist Twist Piping Nozzles by JEM.

Pipe floral swirls and other amazing decorations with Set 4 of the Twist Twist Piping Nozzles by JEM.

Each set contains 2 piping tips in different sizes allowing you to create piped decorations for a range of treats from small cupcakes to large multi-tiered celebration cakes.

Each tip is made from high quality, stainless steel making them extremely durable and long lasting.

On each pack, the header card shows you how to create the design using a particular technique and more in depth instructions are available on request. The design the tip creates is also pictured.

The technique used to make these gorgeous designs is known as ‘Twist Twist’ and is becoming very popular with decorators looking to bring something new and unique to their cakes. It’s also a fairly simple technique to master so even If you are new to decorating, you are sure to pick it up quickly and have no trouble piping decorations with a professional finish.


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The nozzles can be used to pipe swirls, borders and create flowers and other floral patterns.

For best results, use the Twist Twist Piping Nozzles with firm buttercream or royal icing.

Much like any product of theirs, you can rest assured that these JEM branded tips are of the best quality available. Easy to use, great value and compatible with a huge range of couplers, this set of 2 piping tips is a great addition to your baking tools.

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