FPC Mould Perfume Bottles

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FPC Sugarcraft Moulds create fantastic original designs with really impressive details. This Antique Buttons sugarcraft mould is made of high quality silicone and can be used and re-used many times and washed with household detergent.


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Using the Mould – Making the impression
We recommend using a 50:50 mixture of sugarpaste and flower paste.
Knead a piece of icing (judged big enough to just fill the mould) until pliable. Using a small dry brush, coat the inside of the mould with a dusting of cornflour (tap out any excess)then press the icing into the cavity using your thumb and the heel of your palm, or a small rolling pin.
Any excess icing can be removed using a small artist’s palette knife (use a sawing action from the centre of the paste outwards). You want to leave the paste flush with the surface of the mould.
You should then be able to remove the formed impression by gently flexing the mould. Depending on the exact mixture you are using it should pop out cleanly. If there is any tendency for the paste to stick a light dusting of corn flour will help. Alternatively you can freeze the filled mould to harden the paste first.
Soft, flexible, safe silicone rubber.
(Please note that some moulds with deep narrow cavities can require significant care to both fully fill the mould and remove the model successfully)

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