10 transfer leaves 80 x 80 Edible Silver Leaf

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Genuine Silver Leaf Transfer, available in 2 sizes, 80 x 80mm and 95 x 95 mm Silver leaf is made from pure silver and is finer than a piece of tissue paper. Edible Silver Leaf is harmless to be eaten and is digested very easily by the body. Edible Silver leaf is gaining in popularity as an edible food additive and decoration. It can be used to garnish all types of dishes, giving food that special look and feel. From a simple garnish to dish to the wow factor on a wedding cake it really does give it a special feel.

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Connoisseur Gold has been supplying edible Gold & Silver for over 40 years. Our customers range from Major Supermarket Chains. Christmas pudding Manufactures. Distillers, Michelin 3 star restaurants, Food Distributors, Specialist Cake Makers, Cosmetic Companies and individuals for home use

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