RAINBOW DUST Dusky pink – Double-ended Cake Craft Pen 5g

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Add details to your models, toppers, sugar flowers and much more with the Cake Craft Pen by Rainbow Dust.

Much easier than using a brush to hand paint, the Cake Craft Pen will save you so much time when decorating models and sugar flowers.

The Cake Craft Pen comes with two nibs for precision decorating. The thicker nib can be used for decorating larger areas with blocks of colour or for outlining larger text as well as a wide range of other applications and the thinner nib is best for much finer detail, such as facial features on a model or topper and adding final details to sugar flowers.

Due to a specially formulated ‘food ink’, Rainbow dust have made a pen that works equally well in the fine nib as well as the larger nib so you can be assured of a quality finish no matter which end you are using.

The thick nib measures 2.5mm and the fine nib measures 0.5mm.

Please be aware that with regular use on sugar and florist paste, sugar particles can sometimes be absorbed into the nib of the ink, causing it to clog. To rectify this, simply dip the nib into warm water to melt and release the sugar particles, wipe dry and begin to use again and your pen will work as good as new.

Not suitable for use on chocolate.

Contains 5g of colour.

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