COLOUR MILL Coastal Colours Gift Set Of 6 – Oil Based Colouring 20ml

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COLOUR MILL Coastal Colours Gift Set Of 6 – Oil Based Colouring 20ml

Achieve flawless and beautifully bold colour finishes on your cake designs, using this set of 6 colours.

This new colour set from Colour Mill champions gorgeous coastal colours of greens and blues  – perfect for any cake design in need of some stunning waterside vibes.

Gift Set Includes:
1 x Olive
1 x Sage
1 x Sea Mist
1 x Blue Bell
1 x Midnight
1 x Ocean

Each bottle contains 20ml.

✔ Allergen Free
✔ Gluten Free

Colour Mill colourings allow the colour to disperse through every part of a fat-rich medium, including the sugar, eggs, and butter. This is because all water-based materials have been removed and replaced with bake & cake friendly oils; these oils mix through much better than water-based gels (which we know water repels from the oils in your baking).

Unlike your average gel colours, Colour Mill loves the fats and oils found in your baking, and uses it to disperse the special formula colouring. This results in stunningly vibrant, consistent shades that will not fade. It works especially great in buttercream, swiss meringue, chocolate, cake batter, ganache and sugarpastes. It also works in flower pastes, gumpastes, modelling pastes, royal icing, marzipan, cake mixes, pastry, frostings, isomalt, piping gel, cake lace mixes and more.


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Not only will your cakes look amazing, but Colour Mill will also help you get more colour for your buck. The high concentration means you use much less than you normally would to achieve even brighter and colourful results. You only need a tiny drop at a time to build up your desired shade – we recommend using the end of a cocktail stick.

Only a tiny amount of colouring is needed. We wouldn’t recommend using more than 2% of what the colour is being mixed into.

Please note, the pigments used in each colour vary in weight. Some will weigh more than others, but all colours are the same strength and filled to the top.

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