Baby hands mold

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Baby hands Mold by FPC Sugarcraft. Silicone rubber.

Step 1

For small molds that you want to be able to cut through or eat, use only fondant. For each pound of fondant, knead in about one cup of confectionery sugar or enough so that the fondant no longer sticks to your hands or the surface you are kneading on. This will make molding easier and you can handle the finished product without it stretching out of shape. This also works well on side designs, drapes and borders that you are molding with a silicone mold. Adding a flavoring to the fondant (like orange, lemon, almond, peppermint, etc.) can be a nice finishing touch. Especially since it is usually the children that try to eat the decorations! Freezing the molded fondant for 5 minutes before removing helps keep the detail.

Step 2

For larger figurines, flowers and borders like pearls and ropes, I recommend a mixture of 50% gumpaste and 50% fondant kneaded together. This makes a mold that can still be cut through with a knife when you serve the cake but you may not want to eat the pieces. Freezing the molded fondant for 5 -8 minutes before removing from the mold helps with removal and keeps the detail.

Step 3

For large molds or molds that have undercuts, I use all gumpaste. Freeze 10 minutes before removing from mold.

Step 4

For very large or detailed molds, I add 1-2 teaspoons of Tylose to one pound of gumpaste and knead it well. Allow it to rest overnight in the refrigerator in a sealed bag. The next day, break off a piece and knead it well before using it to make a mold. It will be very firm. Freeze 10-15 minutes before removing from the mold.

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